About us

Pishtaz Petro Co

Proudly, Petro Pishtaz shines as the leader and the largest private group in the field of supplying diesel, industrial lubricants and specialized greases. Our efforts and capabilities are progressing towards improvement and evolution every year and we are proud of ourselves that we take these steps of progress in the path of growth and evolution and the value of our products and services.
The various services we provide to our dear customers include the following:

Providing after-sales service: At Petro Pishtaz, improving customer satisfaction is a priority for us; So after purchasing the products, the after-sales service is fully guaranteed.

Providing imported products with testing and analysis and product authenticity documents: We provide imported quality products from the most reliable brands; Also, all products are examined with detailed testing and analysis and are delivered to customers with complete authenticity documents.

The best representative of domestic companies and the possibility of delivering goods to the refinery door: Petro Pishtaz Company, as a top representative, offers the products of domestic companies with good quality and reasonable price to customers and also provides the possibility of delivering goods to the refinery door.

Equipped with 4 warehouses and unloading and loading facilities: We have four warehouses equipped with unloading and loading facilities in order to provide the best service to our valued customers.

Providing technical consulting services: Our expert and experienced team is ready to provide technical consulting services in the field of industrial and motor lubricants to our respected customers.

Invoice settlement by credit (cheque): With the aim of customer convenience and confidence, we have provided the possibility of invoice settlement by credit (cheque).

Supplier of the most complete portfolio of industrial and motor lubricants products: Our product portfolio includes the most complete portfolio of industrial and motor lubricants that meets the diverse needs of customers.

Immediate cargo delivery: We improve the shopping experience for customers by placing importance on providing fast lubricants and the possibility of immediate cargo delivery.

Our goal at Pishtaz Petro Company is to establish a strong and durable relationship with customers, guarantee the quality of products and services, and continuously improve work processes. We are grateful to all our colleagues who advance in line with the company's goals with expertise and motivation. Relying on our experience in the industry, we will offer you the best products and services.

Petro Pishtaz company is a leader with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in consulting and selling all kinds of industrial and motor oils, grease, antifreeze, etc., using the latest technology in the world.

This center acts as a sales agent for the products of Iranian companies: Naft, Behran Naft, Pars Naft, Iranol and Sepahan Naft, and the products of foreign companies, SHELL oil, TOTAL, MOBIL, KLUBER, FUCHS, CASTROL, GULF, Ninas, SKF NYNAS, the lowest price and the best quality. It is available to respected customers all over the country.

Pishtaz Petro Company has the honor of cooperating with large companies and factories, mines, road construction, tiles, food industries, oil and gas industries, Iran Petrochemical, power plants, drilling, cement production industries and all factories.

Thank you for your trust and support.